Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards
Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards
Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards
Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards

Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards

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Introducing the remake of the original parrot deck! This deck is even more intense than the first deck - while the original featured 52 unique parrot species, this one showcases well over 200. The deck is also in glorious full color, both front and back. Each card is richly illustrated with 1 or more parrots. In another improvement, the deck will also be printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

Nearly every genus from the Psittaciforme order is shown in the cards, which are organized by region. The Spades show parrots from South America, The Hearts show parrots from Australia. The Clubs feature parrots from Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, and finally, the Diamonds show parrots from Africa, mainland Asia, and the Philippines (there's a bit of overlap between the Clubs and Diamonds).

Every card has a unique illustration, with 1 to 10 parrots on it, corresponding with the card number. The courts are illustrated in the classic style with mirrored faces.

Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock
Poker Size
Air-Cushion Finish
Interior Tuck Printing
Semi-Transformation Pip Placement
52 Cards + 1 Genus/Species Card + 1 Double Back Gaff Card
Custom Numbered Seal
Limited Edition of 5,000
Custom Color Artwork on Every Card
Illustrated and Designed by Renee LeCompte
Produced By Will Roya
Correction on info card:

Queen: Moluccan Cockatoo
King: Black Palm Cockatoo


Jack: Alexandrine Parakeet
Queen: Congo African Grey Parrot
King: Cape Parrot